My Story – Jan T.

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My Story

JAN T. (Central AR Chapter)

Why did you decide to join Armed Women of America?
I wanted to improve my self defense skills with other women like me. Prior to joining the group, my husband (bless his heart) tried to instruct me but his perspective was not congruent with my learning style and I often felt a little intimidated.
How has being a member changed your life?
I am more confident in my ability to protect myself and more confident in my shooting skills. I am more confident carrying concealed. I have also made new lifetime friends.
When you look at yourself and your AWA sisters, how would you define “Armed Women of America” not the organization, but the women who so boldly stand with you on the mission to be your own self-protector?
AWA is a supportive sisterhood. We learn from one another, share our successes and challenges. We celebrate each other’s strengths and encourage one another to get out of our comfort zone and try new self defense skill sets.
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