My Story – Julie D.

My Story

Julie D. (Skagit Valley WA Chapter)

Why did you decide to join Armed Women of America?

I decided to join AWA because the small community I live in has changed. Just a few years ago I could leave my car unlocked when I went into the store. I do not want to become a victim and I want to teach my grandchildren to always watch and pay attention to their surroundings. Now, every where I go I access the situation I’m entering and think about where I will park, the people I see, and how I will enter the store, doctor’s office, or building. I listen to my gut!! When I have my grandchildren with me I explain what we are doing, and most importantly why.

How has being a member changed your life?
AWA has increased my confidence with the use of firearms, and increased my confidence in protecting myself and others. AWA has also given me the opportunity to meet like minded women and make new friends.
When you look at yourself & your AWA sisters, how would you define “Armed Women of America”, not the organization but the women who so boldly stand with you on the mission to be your own self-protector?
The AWA women are strong with the goals to overcome potentially dangerous or difficult situations. We are helping each other learn how to effectively protect ourselves and others.
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