My Story – Patricia R.

My Story

Patricia R. (Southwest MT Chapter)

Why did you decide to join Armed Women of America?

In 2011, I began my journey searching the internet for examples of women who concealed carry and options to help me plan the first Women’s Concealed Carry Holster Fashion Show in New York and I came across Carrie Lightfoot’s blog when she first started TWAW. I began communicating with Carrie and she sent a box of demo holsters to me to use on the runway. I already had an organized group of women I was teaching weekly at our local range, so it was natural to begin a chapter of TWAW once Carrie launched her shooting chapter program.

How has being a member changed your life?

I have been a chapter leader both in New York and presently in Southwest Montana since 2017 when I moved out west. It has been one of the highlights of my life. Being able to walk other women through the process of going from an unarmed woman that sometimes lacks confidence in themselves in their personal life to not only armed and confident, but so much more. It gives women a sense of freedom and strength.

When you look at yourself & your AWA sisters, how would you define “Armed Women of America”, not the organization but the women who so boldly stand with you on the mission to be your own self-protector?
Women who gain confidence through knowledge and training become advocates for others and their life changes in so many ways. They fear less! When they become fearless they become a force to reckoned with.
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