It has given me confidence to clean and handle my fire arm safely, along with learning self-defense.



Now in my mid-60’s I face the hard truth that my youthful mind and aging body are at odds. Rampant evil exists; I need a means to level the field and give me a chance to survive an evil encounter. Armed Women of America is that means.




Been around guns all my life, Wasn’t comfortable with them until Armed Women of America taught me how to use them properly and safely.



It is a very encouraging and accepting environment. You don’t have to be experienced- Armed Women of America will give you the experience.



It has empowered me to train with women who has the same mindset and goals. It has given me confidence to carry my gun. The Well Armed Women has given me so many opportunities to learn, train and most of all the importance of safety. I am confident that I can protect myself and my family. I have gained another family through the Well Armed Woman




My leaders poured their knowledge into me, made me confident and helped me want to pour into others.



Armed Women of America has taught me everything I needed to know about responsibly owning and operating a firearm. The training is invaluable!



I found Armed Women of America while searching the Internet, read Carrie’s mission and decided this would be a perfect fit in our training facility. I became Armed Women of America certified and started a local chapter. Talk about a WOW moment!!! The chapter has grown expeditiously! This only drives home to me that this was a much needed facility and women want to learn about firearms! I am honored to have been a chapter leader and been able to provide this opportunity to my community.




I’ve made new friends and learned a lot. The shooting sessions afterwards are great. I am much more confident.





I am more confident carrying a handgun. I am aware of my surroundings. I will not hesitate to defend myself.




Armed Women of America has provided me with valuable education in safe handling of firearms and becoming a more empowered individual.




Every month I become more and more energized by the experiences we have as a group. Our chapter is an incredible group of women that I enjoy seeing each and every month. The friendships and experiences I have as a Chapter Leader encourage me to keep learning to I can teach more!



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