Host a Chapter

Are you interested in hosting a Armed Women of America Shooting Chapter?

Deciding to host a Armed Women of America chapter is a win-win arrangement for you and Armed Women of America!

Armed Women of America host ranges are advertised nationally on our website for FREE!

  • We help drive business to your range – where mama goes, the family goes!
  • We provide a unique opportunity to formally educate female shooters in a non-intimidating and safe environment
  • Many of our members are new to shooting and depend on our host ranges to provide for sale all of their shooting equipment needs…firearms, ammunition, targets, accessories, range bags, eye & ear protection and more!

Our chapters meet once a month for one hour in the classroom where a shooting concept is shared and then one hour on the range to practice what was taught in the classroom.

The membership is led by their Armed Women of America chapter leaders. Our chapter leaders volunteer their time and are not financially compensated. Guest speakers are welcome to share their expertise to expand the world of firearms to the women in their community. We will negotiate a discounted meeting fee with you (to include range fee and classroom) that is paid monthly per attending member to the host range.

Our shooting chapters grow quickly when the ladies in your community find out you are hosting! We currently have over 350 Armed Women of America chapters operating in across the country with more coming soon. Put your range at the forefront for women shooters by becoming a Armed Women of America Host Range

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Host Range FAQ’s

Why would we want a women’s group?

Offering a women’s group solidifies your range’s status as a female friendly range, with women largest growing demographic of new shooters. Hosting a Armed Women of America Chapter will increase your local awareness through your chapters marketing and growth efforts at both the national and local levels. Having a women’s group is one of the easiest ways to increase your conversion rate of women as repeat customers, as they return month after month for their chapter meeting, additional self-practice, advanced training, and firearms related purchases. Having a women’s group is a guaranteed way to have women returning to your range month after month.

Is there any cost to the range to hosting the chapter?

No. In fact, hosting a chapter is a great way to increase your range revenue. Ladies come back month after month to shoot (paying range fees) and will return to your range for additional practice because they will already be comfortable at your range and familiar with some of your staff. They will also be inside your stores increasing the opportunity for you to sell firearms, merchandise, ect. Getting ladies comfortable around firearms through a chapter is a great foundation for taking more advanced training or full length classes through your range. 

Couldn’t we be just as effective with our own women’s group?

Aligning yourself with a national organization will brings brand recognition and immediately offers a higher level of comfort and trust with potential members. The Well Armed Woman is one of the most recognized and trusted names as a resource for women shooters, and is sponsored and supported by companies and groups such as the NRA, USCCA, Gun Tote’n Mamas, Ruger, Walther, Glock, and others. As a Armed Women of America host range, your range and links to your site will be included on the national Armed Women of America website.

Additionally, each chapter has an insurance policy through our National office funded by annual membership dues and backed by Lockton, the company endorsed by the NRA. This offers additional protection for our leaders, members, and ranges. After the first year, the chapter at your range will receive its own individual policy to which you can be added as an additional insured.

Rather than having to come up with material on your own and pay your staff for hours, your volunteer chapter leader will have access to pre-made presentations, resources, and a network of over 600 other chapter leaders who come together to brainstorm and discuss ideas. They are supported internally every step of the way. All the range needs to do is provide the facilities.

Won’t having a chapter interfere with registration for our classes?

Absolutely not! Having a Armed Women of America chapter is not a substitute for taking training classes. It is a supplement. Many new shooters, especially ladies, are intimidated by the thought of going to a class. Getting some education and practice under their belt paired with the encouragement and camaraderie offered by chapter is often exactly the push needed for ladies to take that full length or advanced class. We are finding that the confidence built in the chapter is encouraging ladies to seek out more advanced and diversified training that they otherwise would never have pursued.


Host Range Testimonials

“Armed Women of America have been the most loyal and dedicated patrons that any business can ask for. We here at The Gun Range have never advertised our business through standard methods like ads or radio. We base our whole business on “word of mouth.” Armed Women of America have been a driving force of bringing new shooters to us and new members to Armed Women of America. We are proud to house the largest chapter in the nation!”

– Justin P, California

“We have been working with local chapter of Armed Women of America since April 2013 and it has been a pleasure to do so. The ladies are always considerate of our rules and are very professional in their dealings with us.

Along with being very professional to work with, Armed Women of America has helped to bring light to our club. They have hosted event booths with us and even joined with us in participating in our local Pioneer Days parade, in which we won most creative float! These are things that our club most likely wouldn’t have done otherwise and it has done wonders for bringing our membership up. The Well Armed Woman is doing a great job at giving the shooting community a better face, especially here in our small little towns.  If you are given the chance to work with this amazing group of women, I highly suggest you take it.”

– Kari R, Arizona

“Armed Women of America has been a blessing to our community and to our range! Every month I see women coming in to the range, building skills and gaining confidence. They come on their own and they bring their friends and families, becoming an energetic part of our shooting community. Outside of their regular monthly meetings the group has also brought in groups for corporate events and social gatherings, joining leagues, and forming team challenges. We are happy to see this group grow and thrive, and we are honored to be a part of it all!”

– Melissa R, Indiana