My Story – Tina

My Story

Tina (Atterbury IN Chapter)

Why did you decide to join Armed Women of America?

My local range had a sign for The Well Armed Woman. Every time we went there I looked at that sign. I am a bit of an introvert so I really didn’t want to ask or go by myself. The more we went to the range, we developed a friendship with the owners. I finally got up the courage to ask about it. The next week I went and that is where my story begins. After attending for a few months, I received an email that the chapter was closed due to the leader stepping down. I was devastated this was something I really enjoyed. I contacted the home office of TWAW and asked how to keep it alive. They told me I had to be a certified NRA instructor. So what did I do, I began to train and became an instructor.

How has being a member changed your life?

I have met so many women along this journey. They have become some of my closest friends. We have a common bond. I have become more confident in myself and my abilities.

When you look at yourself & your AWA sisters, how would you define “Armed Women of America”, not the organization but the women who so boldly stand with you on the mission to be your own self-protector?
I define it as women who want to take control of their fears. They want to protect themselves and their loved ones in this violent world we now live in.
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