AWA Chapter Leader brings heart to Sig’s Rose Community

Armed Women of American Chapter Leader Alma Reeves was recently called out (in a good way) for her devoted and caring mentorship and support of women new to firearms  in Sig Sauer’s ROSE Facebook community.

Alma is a chapter leader with the Downriver, MI chapter along with Jody Puskarz and Tricia Gout. The chapter meets at Top Gun Shooting Range in Taylor, MI.

Sweet Almita: ROSE Community Member

Wednesday, June 14, 2023   |   Jodi Stemler 

Original Story

If you’ve spent any time at all on the ROSE Facebook community, you have certainly seen a comment by Almita Reeves. Alma (Almita is a diminutive of her given name which means “soul” in Spanish) is truly the heart and soul of the community, offering motivation, encouragement, love, wisdom, and humor to everyone in the group.

It’s been this way from the very beginning—Alma and her husband Roger are SIG people so when the ROSE program was announced she knew it was for her and for Valentine’s Day Roger gave her an empty box with rose stickers on it, promising to get her the gun when it became available. It was Roger who told her about the ROSE community, and she immediately joined. As a firearms instructor for women and a survivor of trauma through much of her early life, Alma has a lot to offer the community.

It was her very active engagement on the forum that brought her an invitation from SIG to participate in the first ROSE Retreat held in Nashville, Tennessee in late March. From the first night of the retreat, it was evident that Alma’s depth of soul was meant to reach out and touch women to help support them on their journey, the journey that for so many is now starting with ROSE.

But to understand where the depth of this loving kindness comes from, it’s important to understand the journey that Alma herself has taken. It is a journey, unfortunately like so many women, that took her through pain and fear. It is a journey where Alma chose empowerment through knowledge and skill in firearms to help pull her out from the emotional trauma.

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