GWG Ruger Rendezvous – An Experience of a Lifetime

GWG Ruger Rendezvous – An Experience of a Lifetime

Marti Stonecipher

In March I had the great privilege to attend the GWG (Girls with Guns Clothing) Ruger Rendezvous at world renowned Gunsite Academy and what an experience it was.

Before I jump into the event itself, I think it’s important to talk about the history between GWG and Armed Women of America. For several years, I had been a fan of their hunting gear because for once I found a great fitting women’s pant that allowed for my 36-inch inseam because of the creative idea to make them adjustable. Fast forward to SHOT Show 2016 and I had the opportunity to meet Jen O’Hara and Norissa Haman, the two women behind the brand. From the beginning they were excited to support Armed Women of America and so they joined us for our National Leadership Conference in Jacksonville, FL. A big part of the conference is an industry panel which allows for a conversation between our sponsors and the chapter leaders in the organization. What we saw from there was remarkable as they truly listened to the leaders and adjusted and continue to adjust their product based off not only AWA feedback, but from women everywhere. It’s great to be heard and have this partnership now for 8 years running.

With that history in mind, it’s no surprise that Jen O’Hara would take another step by creating the first annual GWG Ruger Rendezvous. It was an opportunity to put gear and clothes to the test with women from the industry, some with years of experience and some newer to shooting handguns.

Under the instruction by Gunsite Academy Instructor, IL Ling New, we were all put through the paces with the GWG Gear as well as the Ruger Max 9, Falco Holsters, Crossbreed Holsters, Sticky Holsters, Hornady Ammunition and Allen Company.

Weeks or maybe months before we all stepped foot on the grounds of Gunsite Academy, IL Ling was working with all the gear to ensure that the best techniques and safety were the focus of the event so that all that had the honor of being her students would walk away with confidence in the use of all the gear we used that week.

The first day we all wore Girls with Guns Range Pants, Falco Holsters, and shot the Ruger Max 9. This allowed all of us to work through the paces of the draw sequence and getting friendly with the Ruger Max 9. I have to say I was thrilled with the performance of the Max 9. As an instructor myself, this day reminded me how great it is to be the student and absorb all the information that other instructors have to offer.

On the second day, it was time to move to drawing from concealment, utilizing the GWG Eclipse Leggings and one of their jackets or vests. The techniques taught by IL Ling to safely draw from these concealment garments was thorough and effective in getting your firearm in the fight.

The third day, I was unable to stay for the range time because of a speaking engagement at a Women’s Retreat, but this last piece included more in-depth Tactical Concealed Casual training as well as off-body carry. I have no doubt it was incredible.

All and all an A+ event of training and fellowship. A chance to learn new gear, hone our skills and lift each other up. I was blessed that GWG and Gunsite allowed my 15-year-old daughter to sit in the classes and observe on the range. It’s the greatest step in protecting our future generations to get them involved.

As I mentioned earlier, we had several other companies that supported this event, Ruger jumped in and made so much of it possible while also allowing a tour of their Prescott AZ facility the day before the training kicked off. Not only did Ruger support this event, but they have been supporting Armed Women of America since 2014 at our very first conference. They truly support women shooters and want to see us grow on our firearms journey.

Other AWA faithful sponsors that also supported event were Crossbreed Holsters and Gunsite Academy. Did you know AWA has a chapter at Gunsite? Or that Crossbreed is sponsoring our Saturday evening dinner at the National Conference and Leadership Summit in Branson, MO?

Thank you GWG for your faithful work to train women and make sure they have the best products out there to protect themselves.