My Story – Karen

My Story

Karen (High Plains & Claude TX Chapters)

Why did you decide to join Armed Women of America?
After our home was broken into, I needed training. I looked for a group of ladies I could train with and found TWAW Shooting Chapters, now organized as Armed Women of America. There were no local chapters, but I loved what the group was about so I began trying to get a chapter organized.
How has being a member changed your life?
It has given me direct access to helping so many women take charge of their situations.
When you look at yourself & your AWA sisters, how would you define “Armed Women of America”, not the organization but the women who so boldly stand with you on the mission to be your own self-protector?
We are women who won’t back down. We know what dangers are out there, we are prepared to defend ourselves and those we live against those dangers. We stand strong.
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