Although Armed Women of America Shooting Chapter’s primary focus is firearms education, there are other important areas of training and education that encompass The Well Armed Woman lifestyle and fit our mission to Educate, Equip, and Empower. Stop the Bleed Training is one of those.

Our ability to care for ourselves and our loved ones with life-saving skills from a Stop the Bleed course is crucial. These skills may be needed at any time and anywhere. Don’t make the mistake of thinking this training is only needed on the shooting range. You are far more likely to use Stop the Bleed Training and save a life, during your regular daily routines.

Meeting Topic – Why Stop the Bleed Training

This is a meeting presentation on why Stop the Bleed Training is important for use in your virtual or in-person chapter meetings to open up discussion and encourage members to seek training.

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Medical and Trauma Kits

Medical gear and trauma kits from North American Rescue. Remember, only buy medical gear from trusted and vetted sources. We have secured a discount to order through North American Rescue for chapter use – Please review the North American Rescue website above and email Kari Ramsey for pricing and chapter fund availability. The order must be placed through the National Office in order to receive the discount.