#NotMe Day Leader Resources - June

Inspired by a stirring speech from Susan LaPierre at a national leadership conference, Armed Women of America invites women across the country to head to a shooting range on the first Saturday of June (or anytime in June) for #NotMe Day to stand in solidarity with women self-protectors and show the world they refuse to be a victim or to say #NeverAgain to ever again being a victim.

Chapter Leaders are encouraged to share this event with your chapters, members and women in your community. You can do this by encouraging to join your chapter for a special event or ladies to make it to the range on their own. It doesn’t have to be the first Saturday in June, it can be anytime in June! You can even combine it with host range appreciation month! And, it will even work with SIRTS or blue guns as a symbolic gesture!

If you or members are unable to get to the range, you can still encourage them to make their voices heard by sharing their testimony or personal statements of #NotMe and #NeverAgain on social media and tag @ArmedWomenofAmerica. 


Mrs. LaPierre’s stirring speech from our Branson conference that inspired #NotMe.


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Click here for a #NotMe day event planning guide


Click here for a #NotMe day sign in sheet for participants


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