Without the support of host ranges, none of what we do would be possible, and they are deserving of our appreciation and thanks year-round. We encourage chapters to join us in June to recognize, thank, and show our appreciation for host ranges. Below are some ideas for how you and your members can participate

Give a Thank You Card signed by your team and members

Write 5-star reviews for for them on Facebook, Google, Yelp, etc.

Create a THANK YOU banner or poster with notes from members and photos

Purchase range retail items or memberships

Invite them to speak at your meeting

Post positively on their social media pages

Tag them in posts

Bring them snacks/food – a range staff favorite!

Acts of service – painting a classroom, cleaning facilities, picking up brass

Be kind – greet and thank all staff members with a hello and a smile

Write testimonials about how their hosting has benefitted you or the chapter

Volunteer time as an RSO