Forms, Documents, and Archives

Links to all forms/documents for use in Armed Women of America

Leader Handbook

Contains what was previously the Leader Guide, Classroom Protocols, and Range Protocols combined into one comprehensive document covering all policies and procedures for Armed Women of America Leadership

Chapter Forms

Expense Report, Monthly Report, RSO Membership Request, New Chapter Web Listing, New Member Benefit Listing, Updates to Leader Instructor Certification Record

Let’s Talk

View the archived recordings of our “Let’s Talk” Zoom sessions

Newsletter Archive

View past Chapter Leader Monthly Newsletters

Marketing Documents

AWA logos, Facebook graphics, Business Card Template, Host Range FAQ, New Chapter Flyer, New Chapter Press Release, Chapter Banner Template, Brochure Request, Media Guide

Meeting Forms

Chapter Rules, Printable Membership Form, New Member Profile, Hold Harmless Agreement, Incident Report, Firearms Safety Hand Out Card, Photo Release, Sign In Sheets

On Boarding Education Series

Review and reference the on boarding education emails. These are sent out to new leaders once on boarding is completion as an educational and orientation series.

Range Documents

Range Protocols, Emergency Procedures Checklist, Incident Report, Incident Witness Statement, Range Safety Briefing Template

Request Forms

Brochure Request, Chapter Balance Request, Instructor Financial Aid Request, Volunteer RSO/Instructor Membership Request

Fundraising Forms

All forms associated with Fundraising. Be sure to read the Fundraising Guidelines and Policies within the Leader Handbook early on in the planning stages, well before the start of a fundraiser.