NSSF First Shots

Armed Women of America is now partnering with the National Shooting Sports Foundation to offer the NSSF First Shots program. This program is available to be hosted by a Armed Women of America Shooting Chapter at any NSSF Member Range.

If your range is currently a NSSF Member, than we can move forward in working together to apply to host a First Shots Event. If your range is not currently a Range Member, our chapters will now be able to join at a discounted rate of $50 and Armed Women of America will submit your application and payment from your chapter funds.

Please familiarize yourself with this program via the link below.


Check to see if your host range is a member. Search by your state and ALL MEMBER RANGES ARE LISTED AT THE TOP OF THE LIST AND BOLDED

If you are interested in hosting an event please send Marti an email at admin@armedwomen.org to request an application. Upon completion of the application you will need to turn it back in to Marti and it will be paid by the main office with your chapters funds.

Here are some VERY helfpul links from the NSSF to become familiar with

Project ChildSafe     https://www.nssf.org/safety/index.cfm?

GunVote     https://www.nssf.org/gunvote/

First Shots     https://www.nssf.org/ranges/first-shots/

First Shots News     https://www.nssfblog.com/firstshotsnews/