Copy/paste these rules into your Private FB Group:

As a member of the [Insert Chapter Name Here] Shooting Chapter of The Well Armed Woman, I agree to the following rules when posting and commenting in the Facebook group.

  1. Respect – I agree to respect fellow group members, even when I disagree with their opinions. I will not use foul language, engage in name-calling, or otherwise disrespect or pass judgments my fellow group members. I will keep my language PG.
  2. Privacy – I agree that what is said in the group stays in the group. This group is a safe place for members to share, ask questions, and have discussions regarding firearms and personal safety. All posts and pictures are private and I agree NOT to share them on my personal page, unless permission is given from all involved. I understand that there may be group members who do not want to be found by abusive ex-husbands, former boyfriends, or stalkers. This is a matter of both privacy and safety
  3. Keep Discussions Firearms and Self-Defense Focused – I agree to keep my posts and discussions focused on firearms and self-defense. I understand that this is not the place to discuss dinner plans, my kids, or latest movie I’ve seen. If I want to discuss these things will group members, I will send them a private message.
  4. No Soliciting–I agree not to solicit group members for any unrelated business activities in the group. I understand that the group admin may choose to share or promote our chapter’s business partners who offer members a discount for their products or services.

I have read and understand the Armed Women of America Local Chapter Group Rules and agree to abide by them. I understand that violation(s) of these rules may result in my removal from the group.